It’s difficult to choose the most universal style of interior decoration. That’s why most of the rooms are done with following some rules: must be comfortable, modern, and beautiful. All of these features can define the style of Contemporary or modern classic.

Contemporary, as an independent style, finally formed at the end of 20th century. Scandinavian style was a prototype for the creation of similar projects of interior. The main feature of this relationship is simplicity of forms.

The main feature of the modern style interior is using the traditional elements of decor and modern design techniques together. Thanks to a special combination of simple lines and neutral colors give the necessary room warmth and comfort.

We can also take a look at these features of the style:

  • pithiness of furniture and accessories;
  • techniques, typical for minimalism, with the variety of details;
  • minimum window decoration;
  • geometric prints;
  • moderation and naturalness;
  • functionality;
  • practicality;
  • free space.


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  1. Those bedrooms are very beautiful! Anyone would love to have them at their own bedroom. Any person will surely have a beautiful sleep as he lay in one of of these beds.

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