Rustic style – it is the most brutal and rough kind of country style. This style always uses rough materials, but they look really nice and trendy.
Nowadays rustic style is the most popular on expensive villas on the American continent. What was the purpose of this and does this style suit to our conditions?
Rustic style becomes more popular every day; many luxury apartments are done with this style. That is because of popularity of eco styles, also some people want to show the history of their house by such style.
This style is very well-known now, because it combines environmental friendly materials, like old wooden fabrics. Nowadays people like it much more than modern materials.
To tell the truth rustic style is very popular among citizens. Only people, who grow up in a big city can really appreciate it. They did not have enough of eco materials in their childhood, so now they want to be surrounded of it. That’s why all over the world rustic style is used mainly in the summer villas.
People, who are tired of classic style or modern, do really appreciate and like rustic style. They are looking for comfort in something unusual, not glamorous and not very modern and trendy.

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