Interior design of dining room depends on planning features: does the dining room occupy the whole room or, as in the most modern apartments, combined with the kitchen or living room.

In the case when the dining area is combined with the kitchen or living room, dining room interior should be combined with the general style of the room. At the same time, design of the dining group involves quite clear visual boundaries.

Using of different floor and wall coverings helps to denote the boundaries of the kitchen and dining room. Such coverings are: kitchen area suitable practical tile, linoleum, washable wallpaper; in the dining room design are more suitable parquet or laminate, and the walls are decorated with wallpaper for painting.

Using different ceiling height, accentuated built-in lighting can help to distinguish the kitchen and the dining. If the dining room combined with living room, their boundaries can be quite conventional, because both of them are designed for relaxation and comfort, communication. A hint of isolation may be a bar, moveable partition or high back sofa.

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